Things to know


There is plenty of street parking available on Murray Street out the front of the Workspace. We encourage all users to park there if possible.If there are no parks available there, then we suggest either parking in the gravel car park behind the church next door (accessible via Basedow Road, opposite the Clubhouse), or park in the Foodland overflow car park, located next door to Elders.

We ask that people don't park in the Foodland car park, as that is not a designated car park for our business.

Access to the workspace

Our studio office and permanent desk memberships offer 24/7 access. Our flexi-desk membership along with casual day passes, only allow access between 7am and 6pm. Access is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Access to the workspace is via Kisi. There are a few different access methods: Kisi app, key fob or Kisi link.

If at any time you try to unlock a door and the light on the card reader goes red, then either something went wrong or your membership doesn't have access at that particular time. Try to unlock the door again.

Key fob

If you have been issued a key fob to access the doors, then simply hold them against the door readers. If the door unlocks successfully, you'll see the light on the reader turn green.

Kisi link

A Kisi link is an e-mail that is sent to our members which contains a link to a Kisi web page which allows you to unlock the doors. Simply open the Kisi web page and click on the button for the door you wish to unlock.

Kisi App

Download the Kisi app either from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store using one of the buttons below.

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

Once the app is installed on your phone and you've logged in via you login and password, then you can simply hold your phone up to the readers at the doors to unlock the door. You should see the blue light on the reader flash and turn green should the door successfully unlock. 

Your phone does not need to be unlocked or have the screen turned on to be able to unlock doors.

Short video on different ways that the doors can be unlocked using the Kisi app

Exiting the workspace

As the doors are controlled by electronic locks, they are permanently locked. To exit the workspace, simply push the green "Push to Exit" buttons located alongside the doors. These buttons unlock the doors temporarily and allow people to exit. 


If you are having visitors to your business at the workspace, then as the doors are locked, you will be required to meet them at the doors to allow them to enter. Workspace Barossa does not offer a reception so visitors can not enter the premise unless admitted by someone else.
Don't forget to remind visitors when exiting the building to use the green "Push to Exit" buttons!

Booking a meeting space or workshop

  • To book a meeting space, once logged in to our site, simply click on the "Bookings" link on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Select which type of space you would like to book, either a meeting space or a workshop space.
  • Click on the "Book now" button next to the space you would like to book to open the booking pop-up screen.
  • Enter in the date/time for the booking. This must be done in blocks of an hour, minimum 1 hour.
  • Once the start date/time is entered, then the cost of the booking will be displayed on the screen (if any).
  • Select any additional services you might like included in the booking and once finalised, click on the "Confirm this booking" button.

Covid or other illness

As per normal covid precautions, if you are sick or feeling unwell, then:

  • do not enter the workspace
  • do not enter if you have been advised to self-isolate or quarantine by SA Health
  • await medical clearance before returning to the workspace

As always, please follow recommended hygine practises:

  • Frequent hand washing and sanitising
  • if feeling unwell and you must enter, please wear a mask to protect our members
  • clean all shared spaces after use (Flexi desks, kitchen, bathrooms)


Please ensure that the kitchen is kept neat and tidy. It is a shared space used by others!

  • Plates, mugs, glasses, bowls and cutlery are available for use. Please ensure that dirty dishes are placed in to the dishwasher to be washed and all cutlery is returned to the kitchen.
  • If the dishwasher contains clean dishes after a cycle, then please consider emptying it before loading your dirty dishes in to it.
  • Wipe down the kitchen bench or microwave if you spill anything on to it/in it.
  • Please feel free to use the coffee machine (pods) and the tea making facilities in the kitchen. There are also chocolates in the jar which are for all to eat!

Filtered water is available from the kitchen tap. The tap on the left hand side dispenses filtered water and the tap on the right hand side dispenses normal tap water.

Please note that there is no hot water to the building due to it's age and construction. If you need hot water, then please utilise the kettle provided in the kitchen.


To turn the dishwasher on, simply put a tablet in to the required spot in the door of the dishwasher and close the lid. (Tablets can be found under the kitchen sink)

Turn on the power by pressing the large button on the top, left hand side of the door.

Once the display turns on, simply close the dishwasher door and the wash cycle will commence. A light will come on under the dishwasher to indicate that it is currently running.


Flexi-desks are available for use for all members. When planning to use a flexi-desk, please clean it with the provided anti-bacterial wipes once you've finished with it in preparation for the next person.

Flexi-desks can not be reserved by people. If a desk is in use by someone else, then please select another area, either the bench along the front window or to the side of the flexi-space.

All desks are to be cleared once you have finished with it and no belongings are to be left on the flexi-desks overnight.

Studio office

All studio offices are furnished with two desks and chairs, along with some book shelves and wall organisers. Any furniture outside of that specified is to be purchased at the occupants own expense. Extra chairs are not to be taken in to offices from the permanent desk area, meeting rooms and the workshop room.

Meeting rooms

All meeting rooms must be booked via the Workspace Barossa web site prior to their use. When booking a meeting room, ensure that it isn't booked already by using the booking calendar.

If another member has the meeting room books straight after your booking, please ensure that you vacate the meeting room on time so that they can use the room for their booking.

Please ensure that the tables are clean and chairs replaced once finished. Anti-bacterial wipes are also available in meeting rooms to wipe down surfaces once you've finished with your booking.


If you are the last person to leave the workspace at the end of the evening, then please ensure that all lights are switched off.

If you are the first person to arrive in the morning, then please turn on the lights as you enter.

Breakout space

We provide a breakout space at the rear of the workspace by the kitchen for use of all members at any time. This space can be utilised to take phone calls, eat lunch or a casual meeting space. Please be mindful of other members when using this space.


All members are welcome to have mail delivered to the Workspace. Please address any mail to C/O Workspace Barossa, 117A Murray Street, Tanunda SA 5352.

Mail will be delivered to the mailboxes and desk in the breakout space by the rear door. If you are expecting mail, then please check there to see if it has been delivered. Mail is not delivered to individual Studio Offices.

Bathroom supplies

Spare toilet rolls can be found in the bathroom cabinets in the marked drawers.

Should the paper towel dispensers inadvertently run out, or there isn't any more toilet paper in the drawers, then more can be found in the stoarge cupboard under the rear stairs.

First aid


A first aid kit is available for use. It can be located in the storage cupboard under the rear stairs. 

No medications, including Panadol and other pain relief, are available to members. If anything is required by a member whilst in attendance at the workspace, then it is recommended that you visit the adjacent Priceline Pharmacy and speak to a pharmasist.

Due to the transient nature of the workspace, first aid officers may not be available. If there is no one who can render first aid in an emergency, then dial 000.



In the event of a fire, fire extinguishers are available if it is safe to use, and there is a fire blanket located in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.

In the event that the building needs to be evacuated, please evacuate the building via either door and make your way to the lower Foodland carpark, next to Elders.


The workspace is cleaned on a weekly basis. If you make a mess somewhere within the workspace, then please clean it up. 

Cleaning supplies can be found in the storage room at the rear of the building (through the kitchen and media space).


Wi-Fi is provided as part of your membership. To connect up, simply connect to the WSB.NEXUDUS SSID.

Internet is provided by Swoop SA (formerly Beam Barossa). We have a 100/100Mbps connection.

Once connected to the wi-fi, a login page should be displayed. Enter in your login details that you used to sign up to the Workspace Barossa web site and you will be connected.

Barossa Australia staff - please use the WSB.TB SSID. The password for this wi-fi will be supplied by your co-workers.

It is highly recommended that you use devices that are compatible with the 802.11ac or higher standard. If you can connect to the WSB.NEXUDUS SSID, then your device is compatible.

Avoid the use of the WSB.NEXUDUS2.4 SSID where possible. Unfortunately, due to the high saturation of 2.4GHz wi-fi and other signals in the area surrounding the workspace, there can be interference on that spectrum which can effect the speed of your connection. Using the WSB.NEXUDUS SSID will see you use the 5GHz spectrum which has no interference and you will receive full speed on your connection.


High speed duplex printing is included as part of your membership. The printer is located on the lower floor under the stairs at the front of the building.

Paper supplies can be found next to the printer should the printer run out.

Due to the much higher cost of printing in colour, it is highly recommended that you print in black & white where possible. 

If you wishing to print a large volume of pages, please consider contributing by purchasing a $10 honesty market product.


Scanning from paper to PDF/email can also be done on our Konica Minolta printer.

Add your e-mail address to the printer

The first half of this YouTube video shows you how to enter your e-mail address on to the printer so it can be easily selected in the future:

How to scan a document

Media space recording

In the event that someone is recording in the media space, we kindly ask that people avoid the use of the kitchen during that time, if possible. If you must use the kitchen whilst someone is recording, then please ensure that noise is kept to a minimum.

Lounge meeting space

Please note that the lounge meeting space located outside the workshop room is a bookable space and is not to be used for casual meetings. Casual meetings can be held either on the lounges in the flexi-space or in the breakout room.

Workshop room TV

If you have a booking and are hosting an event within the workshop room, then please feel free to utilise the large screen TV as a display. To plug in a PC, simply plug in the HDMI cable plugged in to the wall under the TV to your PC and ensure that the HDMI1 input on the TV is selected.

Meeting room B TV

As per the workshop room, there is a TV available to use in meeting room B. Simply plug in the HDMI cable to your PC and turn the TV on using the supplied remote control.

Marketing materials

Please note that due to the large number of members that we have, we do not allow the use of sandwich boards on the footpath at the front of the building, or by the rear door.

Business cards may be placed on the shelves near the front door for distribution to visitors and other members.

Please also feel free to place flyers on the library shelves near the permanent desks.

If you have a studio office or a permanent desk, you are free to have any marketing materials within those spaces.

We do have advertising on the TV screen in the front window avaliable to our studio office and permanent desk members. Please contact us for more details.